Oct 28, 2008

30 weeks

Today I start my 30th week.

Boy have things changed a lot. I don't feel that large until I look in the mirror. Charlotte moves all the time now and it seems to be more of a squirming and adjusting than just small kicks. Heartburn has also started, but it's not too bad. I still sleep through the night just fine. I can't see my feet, but I can still reach them to get my socks on. Maggie's walks are getting a bit more cumbersome, mostly because I wish I could squat and pee on the neighbor's lawns just about as often as she does. I have started nesting a bit, which I find a whole lot of fun because I'm getting so many random things done. I've dusted fan blades, cleaned out the medicine cupboard, and repainted our entry door. I don't think Brian's fond of the nesting, because I rope him into the projects too.

Brian is attending the "Just for Dads" class at the hospital tonight - he'll learn diapering, stroller know-how, and hopefully some ways to support me during labor! I'm excited to hear how it goes.


mamie said...

Don't start nesting too soon! Don't want to have Charlotte too early. How about before New Years???

I'm glad Brian is doing some "dad" stuff on his own. It will come in handy and necessary.

Jeffrey had not finished the crib for Matthew (just needed the paint) so they brought the bassinette home with them the last time home (a week before giving birth). How timely was that? Everything has a time and season really rings loud for me these days.

mamie said...

Oh by the way, you look wonderful as usual. Just have a healthy, happy, normal, contented baby. That's our prayer every day.

Carrie said...

Wow Ang, you look great! I can't wait to see Charlotte's room! And your so luck to have a mother in law who is so supportive and praying for you!

Chris said...

Good to hear you have the same type of program for Dad's. Ben didn't want to go to Daddy Boot Camp, but I think he learned so much in the end. Good for you for taking pictures. I wish I had more now, especially right near the end, the last picture I have is at the shower. You look great, I can't wait to feel Charlotte!!!

Kim said...

You are adorable. I am looking forward to seeing you!!