Oct 26, 2008

I'm taking what they giving

cuz I'm working for a living.

Today is my first weekend shift at the family practice in Grand Haven. So far so good. I've seen about 4 patients already. They've all been nice and straight forward urgent care type visits. I should be home by the time Brian gets home from church and get to enjoy a nice afternoon with him.


mamie said...

When did you take on the Grand Haven Urgent Care? How many weekends do you have to work?

Angie said...

This was my first shift - it's just a job opportunity I learned about back in September. I am only obligated to work one shift/month but have picked up two/month. I think it'll be fine and it motivates me to get my day started nice and early on the weekend.

Patty Ann said...

I certainly remember using the after hours walk in clinic at good old Dr. Kielhorns' office. I'm sure you'll be a welcome addition to their rotation.