Oct 5, 2008

Finished Knitting

I've had a lot of small knitting projects on my needles. I'm overdue to share some of them.

This week I finished a pair of baby mittens from leftover sock yarn. They're quite simple as they're thumbless. You carry two strands of fingering weight yarn so they're warm enough. I found the pattern here.


(I put them next to Maggie so you can see their relative size. You can see she was not too thrilled to be bothered from her nap. She just had a good romp at the dog park.)

This baby blanket is something I have been working on since July. The stockinette center was quite a bore and I really ought to have used a knitting machine. The lace edge was knit separately and stitched on. This is actually a gift, and I won't say who for just now. The pattern is the Queen of Heats lace-edged Newborn Blanket, free at Lion Brand Yarn's website.


For Jacqueline's baby shower, I made her my favorite strawberry hat as well as some Better-than-Booties Baby Socks. I hope to make my nephew many more handknits, but now that I'll have two nephews and my own child, I'm dreaming to think I can knit everything I want to for them.



That's all for today!


Kim said...

A friend of mine at work has the CUTEST photo of her 10 month old son in a pumpkin patch wearing a hat just like the strawberry one but PUMPKIN! It even has a stem sticking off of the top. It was a gift from his grandma. Just an idea for you for next fall!

Angie said...

I've made a couple pumpkins before too. I love them because they're so adorable - they're just a bit too seasonal.