Oct 15, 2008


Oprah talked today about rude habits that people have and I have to say, although I feel I can be quite abrupt to the point I may come off as rude, I do not feel like I am rude in my actions.

Some examples of rude behavior she brought up included:
Checking out in the 10 item grocery lane with more than 10 items.
Stealing another person's parking space.
Answering a non-emergent cell phone call while talking to someone face-to-face.
Texting while driving or having a conversation (Brian!)
And my personal favorite....being habitually late. I've always hated this one, because as Oprah brought up, the late person is behaving as though their time is more valuable.

The only one I could really admit to was e-mailing while I'm talking on the phone. I just see that one as time-management, but perhaps I'll refrain next time. Oh, and that I gossip. But it would take a saint to not gossip.

Does anyone else have any rude behaviors that they hate to see?


David said...

People who drive in the fast lane and then refuse to move over if you want to pass them.

Amber said...

I do think it is rude to slow down in a lane and not use your turn signal (and just plain dangerous!).

Also, kind of a combination of some of yours, but talking on the phone when you are checking out your purchases at a grocery store, etc.

Angie said...

Oh, I also hate it when people don't use their turn signal, or turn it on at the last second. It's supposed to "indicate" the turn before they start to brake.

Patty Ann said...

I'm guilty of going the speed limit in the fast lane.
I'm also guilty of interrupting people and I know that is rude.

Meagank7 said...

Reading an e-mail over someone's shoulder... people always butt into what i'm doing on my computer. drives me nuts.

Chewing with your mouth open. Disgusting and obnoxious.

Jessica said...

How about when you're waiting at a red light and there is a long line of cars behind you when all of the sudden some idiot in a Jaguar (or similar car) speeds around in the Right Turn lane to the front of the line and cuts you off as soon as the light turns green? Or how about when your neighbors don't pick up after their dogs (especially when you live in a big apt building!) okay, one more... this is fun. I hate it when people let doors slam in your face or don't acknowledge when you go out of your way to NOT let a door slam in someone's face.

Rachael said...

ha, i must be rude...or maybe not??? i interrupt all the time due to my a.d.d, I email all the time or browse the web while on the phone(with steve aspecially), i know is rude and try not to, but i agree--time managment, I check out with 10-15 items on most occasions because--really one more item isn' gonna kill someone and some are duplicates!!!!---but never do i take someone parking space--because if someone did that to me, i'd make the 6'oclock news!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when patients bring all sorts of food and drink into the exam room and leave a mess behind. Or they are eating candy when I have to take their temps. GROSS!! Or when parents say to their kids "You better be good or that NURSE is going to give you a SHOT". I don't even want to get started with cell phones .........Linda

mamie said...

I have actually had clerks advise me to go into the quick service lanes with more than the posted number of items. ( maybe 2-3 more) It's rude when the cart is literally 1/2 full of groceries and they use that lane.

I have found it's rude when people don't bother to RSVP when they should, particularly family, and I'm speaking of my own immediate Coe family, not my kids or certain nieces in particular.

We're coming up on Thanksgiving, and it's very hard to coordinate for so many when certain ones refuse to even make a phone call or respond to an email!

Oh yeah Jessica, at the cottage people let their dogs loose all the time to come into our yard to to do BIG dog business and leave it for the wee ones to step in. YUCK!! I save plastic bags for all my grandpuppies doo-doos and our kids clean up after their dogs!

Kim said...

How are we friends because I am ALWAYS late. In any other job, I wouldn't make it, because I need 27 kids waiting for me every morning or else I don't get moving!

I hate when people stand you up for an appointment and don't contact you before (or ever). Doctors charge you, I can't when parents don't show for my conferences. Grr--like I want to be at school waiting for someone at 6:30 p.m. when I could be at home. A lawyer stood me up already this year and I wanted to bill HER for MY time. The punchline--she wondered when we could reschedule (so I could wait around for her again).