Oct 13, 2008

My husband is a marathon man!

Brian successfully finished the marathon yesterday at 4:23. It was a tough go, especially with 90 degree heat plus that great Midwest humidity. I got to cheer him on as he trudged across the finish line. I am so proud of him! He's had great support from many friends along the way, whether they helped him with a training program, ran with him through the race, or donated money to the Alzheimer's campaign. This was really a team effort.

Meagan's knee did not cooperate with her at all. She's had knee pain for the last couple months. She did the best she could to get it better, even let a doctor put a cortisone shot in. (Anyone who knows Meagan knows that takes a lot because she hates needles.) She suffered through the pain until mile 10, but had to drop out. She's already planning her next marathon, though.


The Outlaw Kyle said...

Huzzah Brian!!

Brian said...

I look like I'm walking in that pic, but it was more of a painful, shuffling jog.

I'm drafting an insider's post at Action-Squad. Should be up tonight.

mamie said...

Brian we are so very proud of you even attempting to take this on! What an exemplary effort!!! High fives all around. Now take care of those feet!

Anonymous said...

You kind of look like you power-walked it in that one pic.


Patty Ann said...

That's a great pace, Brian.
Was the second half "less than fun" as Dave Ramsey likes to say? It is a great accomplishment. We're proud of Meagan as well for hanging in there, and for knowing when enough is enough.

julia hoving said...

Awesome job Brian! We were cheering you on from Midland :) Ang, when are we going to see more pregnant lady pics? come on!!!