Oct 19, 2008

The time has come

Saturday was the big day. We dropped Maggie for a free day of daycare and drove to Howell to get my new spinning wheel from The Spinning Loft. The fall colors were just gorgeous all along the highway. I can't help but think how any other year we would go on a wine tasting tour on a weekend like this. I can't wait to have a nice glass of Chardonnay after this baby is born!

As soon as we got home, I popped my new Kromski Sonata out of the travel bag and assembled it. One of my favorite features about this wheel is how it collapses so nicely for travel.

Here it is, folded right in half. All I have to do is unscrew one knob, pull up the wheel, and reinsert the knob to hold it upright.

Then I drop the maiden onto the top of the wheel and pull up the elastic driveband.

Wha-la. It's ready to go! I picked up some new roving to add to my stash too, so I can't wait to get spinning. I found some beautiful blue faced leicester made by Chameleon Color Works. There's plenty there to make a hat for baby and have more left over to put into a project for myself.

But for now, I just have to look at the wheel because the most important thing I have to do is study for my recertification exam. I'm taking it this Tuesday. Send positive thoughts and prayers my way on Tuesday morning!


Lori H said...

What a beautiful wheel! Must be hard not to be able to spin on it yet. Good luck on your test Tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Angie, That's a tiny little gizmo. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow during your test. Know you'll ace it!!! Linda

Patty Ann said...

Might you be interested in becoming Amish with me? I've given it a lot of thought lately.

I'm glad your wheel is so portable, that's a really nice feature. I'm sure you'll do fine on your test.

And don't get too excited about chardonnay if you are nursing the baby! You may have to wait a little longer......

mamie said...

I saw a program called "The Doctors" on TV today and they actually had a discussion on whether nursing moms could enjoy a glass of wine. Their recommendations were to enjoy but allow it to be metabolized out of the breast milk, which takes about 2 hours. They said if you felt tipsy, then you should wait a while to nurse. You don't have to pump and dump, just allow some time. There are also litmus papers out there, and darn I forgot the website, that will tell you if your milk contains too much alcohol. Isn't TV cool these days?!

Congratulations on your spinning wheel! Great things will be spinning out of your home!

I'm doing a novena for J & J, so I'll add you to my list for your recert. God Bless!! Go Ang!

The Outlaw Kyle said...

New spinning wheel, FTW! My favorite thing is that it's man portable. Just think you could take it with you camping, to conferences, or even the Supreme Court. Huzzah!

Kim said...

I am so excited for you to finally have your wheel. I also really enjoyed seeing new pictures of you AND in regular clothes--not a dress.

I also want to go wine tasting. The picnic you, Meredith, and I had that one fall was so perfect. Mmm...soft cheese and wine. My mom has shared the rules her mega-holistic ob/gyn told her about pregnancy/nursing and alchol (back in the late 70s/early 80s that is): a glass every now and then is fine (like once a week!) just don't get drunk. And a glass of wine helps a breastfeeding baby sleep! But, mind you, caffeine was an ABSOLUTE no-no!! My mom hates seeing this generation of pregnant women with pop or coffee. What will doctors tell our kids they can do?