Oct 7, 2008

I finally did it

I stumbled out of bed at 6:30 today (on my day off no less), pulled on my bathing suit (thank you for the miracle of Lycra), and drove to my first water aerobics class. I was more than a little hesitant when I walked into the locker room and found all women at least twice my age. I immediately thought that the class synopsis which read "low-medium impact" should say, "about as much exercise as a stroll around the block." It turned out that I had a lot of fun! The teacher and classmates were very inviting. I even found some fellow knitters! The work out was decent and the teacher promised to step it up a bit next week. She claimed she took it easy on us this week since it was my first class.
It definitely felt nice to be weightless, although a bit cold, in the water. When I stepped out of the pool, I felt as though I had gained an extra 100 pounds. I'll definitely try it again next week.


mamie said...

I know what you mean Ang. I'm in an arthritic class so I'm surrounded by gray and white haired seniors! There are about 4 40-50 somethings that I can blend with. I do enjoy the feel of the water though. I knew you would too! Why is the class so early? 1PM is a much more socially acceptable time. I also signed up for a 21 day exercise study using Nautilus machines. I hear David's voice in my ear: "you have 4 mos to get into the best shape of your lives!"

Patty Ann said...

Ha! Welcome to my world!
I attend the evening water aerobics pretty much for that reason, the people who swim in the morning are mostly octagenarians.

Coggie said...

I used to go here in Grand Haven at the high school. I loved it as it was 90 degree water, mmm warm. The T/TH evening class had 30-60 year old women and no one felt out of place.