Dec 6, 2006

Are you kidding me?

This is what came out of my mouth when, during an un-official poll today at work, I found out that no one there knew what a pierogie is. This is one of the most delicious pasta/potato Polish creations ever!

I am going to the 'rents house this weekend for some quality time with my mom. We're planning on making some pierogies from scratch. I'm definitely bringing some back for my co-workers to try. Who else out there hasn't had these before?

Yesterday was a big day of baking/cooking for me. My new Junior League cookbook inspired me. These Oatmeal Crisp cookies turned out so great. Of course, I'm sure the two sticks of butter had nothing to do with how great they taste! They are sweetened with coconut flakes. The best part - the recipe used only one measuring cup and two spoons. Talk about low maintenance.

For dinner - I went with the chicken and cheddar chowder. Three pots later and one pan later, I was wishing I had a cleaning crew in the back room.

This was also good, but I had to make a note in the margin because whoever wrote this recipe definitely had a taste for salt. I hate Progresso soup because of their saltiness. This called for 1 tbsp. I should've known can always add more salt, not take away.

For the knitters who care, an update on the elf slippers. The curly toe is not difficult at all, it's just that I apparently don't know what the instep of the foot is. Odd that I should know anatomy being a PA and all. If the pattern called for "Pick up 4 stitches from the superior aspect of the foot," I may have caught on faster. I thanked the yarn store lady for her help, then bought this to ease my so-called-guilt from getting free help.

The Koigu is assigned to a pair of gloves. Can anyone guess what the red and white yarn is destined to become?


patty said...

Everything looks and sounds scrumptous! Was the chicken chowder hard to make or just extensive pan messes? WE love anything Polish over at this house - even know what a pierogi is! Freeze some for us!

By the way, love the ole tannenbaum! I was just looking at those ornaments last week that you are collecting from Hallmark.

If we don't get a chance to talk, enjoy your visit with Patty and Frank! We have a get-together at Chapins Saturday - should be fun for sure!

The Outlaw Kyle said...

Meh, I'll pass on pierogies. Well, maybe it was just the ones that Mrs. TOK and I made, but they seemed kinda flavorless. Boiled noodles with boiled potato inside. Do you do something else that makes them, huh, not bland?

Now Kielbasa from Lewandoski's? Sign me up!

Angie said...

TOK - did you have cheese in the potatoes? Cheesey potatoes always taste good.

amy said...

pierogies are the best! i love mine with just potato and onion. sometimes a little sour cream on top. my family is polish though so it would be a crime if i didn't know what they were. :)

The Outlaw Kyle said...

There may have been cheese in there, but after the boiling, who can taste anything. Deep fried pierogies sound good.

brian said...

Mmmmm.... deep fried pierogies. I'm willing to bet they're as good as deep fried ravioli.

patty ann said...

OUr recipe has sour cream in the dough, and onions in with the potato/cheese concoction. I was thinking today, we better make enough for you to take a batch home!
If you want to absorb some of the salt in that soup, put a raw potato in it when you warm it up (if you had any leftovers).It looked really good.
Did I tell you Mitch Albom will be at Briarwood Saturday signing books? I bet it will be crowded.

Linda V said...

Angie, Did you ever see the Martha show where she made pierogi with her mother? They poured melted butter over the top after boiling them.Yum.The soup looks wonderful. I think the 1 tbs of salt was a typo. Probably should have been 1 tsp. but that might have even been too much. I LOVE the red koigu. I see a knitting book in your future entitled "The Anatomy of Knitting for Healthcare Professionals".Pretty Dry sounding but you could jazz up the cover with some sexy knit item. Don't make anything like the hand knit uterus from KNITTY,though. That was sort of wierd.