Dec 30, 2006

In all of the Christmas madness, I completely missed the fact that Knitty put up a new issue. This morning I just about used up our color cartridge printing the patterns for Center Square, Calorimetry, Corazon, Monkey, Emerald and Blended Hues (yes a baby pattern). I think the felted Brown Bag is especially clever....and I have to smile at Sheldon. What a great baby gift that would be.

Brian and I are off to Kalamazoo this afternoon to meet Linda for knitting talk and tapas at Fandango. We never had the chance to go to this restaurant while we lived there and are greatly looking forward to it. Tomorrow we'll celebrate ringing in the new year with old friends in Rockford. There is a new classy restaurant with an enormous wine selection called Reds on the River. Our great friend Tim pulled some strings and waved some dolla-bills to get a reservation. I get to fake being a high-roller for the night. What I'm most looking forward to is a Star Wars Marathon on New Years Day...not because I love Star Wars but because I know I can knit that entire time. My mission is to take on Clapotis.

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