Dec 14, 2006

I LOVE this!

By next Christmas I MUST have a full set of these for our tree.

I will start saving scrap yarn this instant!


Amber said...

Very cute! They would be so easy to make too! Glad to have you back from vacation and blogging again! We missed you!

The Outlaw Kyle said...

My Mom did something similar, but with flies. Fly fishing flies, not insects. She tied them her self, and then suspended them in the globe. It looked really cool, and they sold like hotcakes at the local craft shows.


Patty Ann said...

Wow I would like to meet the lady who knows how to tie a fly for fishing. I bet they made adorable ornaments, I know I would probably buy one.

patty said...

I've been having some trouble getting my comments to go.

I want to do some of these with you Ang! You'll have to have a separate tree just for the lovelies!