Dec 27, 2006

Dinner Guests

We had an impromptu dinner party tonight as our friends from Grand Blanc, MI and Valdosta, GA were both in town. We ate chicken, drank wine, snacked on raspberry pie....and then Christmas candy (which we piled up on at the candy bar from a wedding this weekend). Check out the pic below. Tons and tons of candy. The only problem with Christmas candy is it's always a surprise what flavor you'll get. White might taste like peanut butter. Red might taste like lime. Beware of the black licorice.

Amber is a fellow lover of knitting and therefore knew one way to my heart was to bless me with more yarn goodness. She has put me on my path to lace knitting with these three heather colored skeins from Knit Picks.

She also purchased the pattern for the triangle shawl. I plan to take a short class in reading lace patterns later in January. I may have a new fascination with knitting once I've learned the lace technique.

I also received a small button which reads "I'd rather be knitting!" I thought Brian and I were so clever to come up with that slogan on our own. Someone beat us to it. Amber also made ornaments filled with scrapbook paper coils. It will look great intermingled with the yarn ornaments I hope to make next year. Thanks Amber!

So now I'm off to slumber. I feel overstuffed, but so thrilled to spend time with my friends who live too far away and I often miss too much.

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