Dec 13, 2006

The Break is Over

I'm back from my mini vacation and ready to attack the Christmas holidays with cheer and baked goods! I spent a long weekend in the beautiful Irish Hills of Michigan. I stalked the two local yarn shops, saw Casino Royale in the vintage $3 movie theater, viewed hundreds of displayed nativites, and slept in my "big girl bed" from the 5th grade.

My least favorite nativity (and I know Brian will agree):

Give me inflatable penguins, the Grinch, and three reindeer in a canoe, but I just can't handle the inflatable Jesus.

I didn't spend as much time knitting as I'd thought I would. But I did manage to get all of this done. I'm in love with the elf slippers. I hope they fit the 2 1/2 and 4 year old they're meant for!

As for baked goods - I had a lot of fun making pierogi and candy with my mom. The pierogi turned out excellent. For those who don't know the process, first a sticky basic dough was made, then chilled overnight. The dough has egg, flour, and sour cream as the secret ingredient. Well, maybe it's not secret, but it's cool to say that. The filling is mashed potato with ricotta and sauteed onion.

We then placed a spoonful of potatoes in our dough circle.

Fold the dough over and fork/crimp the edges.

Boil them until they float. That's it - you can eat them after this. Of course, we couldn't eat all 50, so off to the freezer they went. I say it like it's simple, but my mom and I agree, it's a two woman job. And I do specify woman, because we figure a man would just eat one as soon as it's made.

I have candy making stories to share too, but I'll save those to draw out the blogging goodness.


Matt Stratton said...

Give me inflatable penguins, the Grinch, and three reindeer in a canoe, but I just can't handle the inflatable Jesus.

You really shouldn't use such foul language on the Internet, Angie...

Patty Ann said...

Did you eat any of the pierogi yet? Just wondering how they were. I got a hickory smoked turkey to eat with them on Christmas day.

Chris said...

Now I am sure you would of rather had Ben helping you make those than me. He did get sick from eating too much cookie dough though on Sunday. This weekend is another go at it. The pierogies look go, can't wait to try them.

patty said...

I hate those inflatables, but I can't imagine an inflatable Nativity!

patty said...

I hate those inflatables! I can't imagine an inflatable Nativity. Now that's commercial!