May 3, 2007


Every girl knows that feeling....the feeling of having three summer weddings and feeling like none of the dresses in her closet are sufficient. She knows well enough that the other dresses may have only been worn once or twice, but she still feels like everyone will have seen her in it. So she goes shopping and tries on dress, after dress, after dress. Some are too casual, some look like a teenage wannabe, while some look like the mother of the bride. Some have fabric that will obviously turn in to a wrinkled mess 5 minutes before she walks in to the ceremony. Some are so trendy that they'll be out of fashion before the end of the summer. She finds one that's perfect print and style, but not in her size. Finally she finds the treasure, a fun sun dress hidden on a sale rack. Alas, there is no one to offer her an opinion on the dress other than the senior citizen waiting for his wife to try on her elastic banded slacks. Lady, they fit. They have to...they're made of elastic!

At any rate, I bought that dress and brought it home to try on for Brian. He gave the seal of approval. The dress inspired me to pull out my jewelry tools and get to work on some matching jewelry. I'm so pleased with how the jewelry turned out!


Patty Ann said...

Great colors. It's going to look pretty with your tan.

patty said...

The jewelry was beautiful and so were you! It's an adorable dress - where did you find it? I wore the old black standby.

My knees hurt so bad yesterday! I could hardly walk - then came the cottage steps! It's a bit better today, but one of my nurse friends told me to ice tonight and lay low tomorrow. Of course being on my feet all day today really helps!