May 22, 2007

New is Fun

Brian and I bought a new camera for our birthdays. It's a beautiful 7 MP Panasonic Lumix. I let him do the picking. My only requirements were that it was within budget, Consumer Reports liked it, and good for close-ups. No, not for self portraits, but for my knitting showcase!

So, here are a few shots I just snapped. I still have some kinks to work out.

I'm proud of this herb garden that I planted this weekend. Amazingly, Lowe's has a great vegetable/herb collection. Now we have cilantro, sage, basil, peppermint and rosemary sitting right at our patio table for your dining delight. I just realized what I'll make with the mint - mojitos!

Our irises are in full bloom, but their blooms are a bit heavy as most of them have already fallen to the ground. Here's one with a mighty stem. The petal that hangs down reminds me of a dog's tongue.

I made some more jewelry today. This set will be worn to Carrie's wedding this Saturday. That's right, only three days away! It's going to be an awesome wedding and we're thrilled to be a part of it.

Now this pic didn't quite turn out. I tried a bunch of different modes and found too much of a glare or else too dark. I'm sure I'll figure it out with more practice.

Now I'm off to finish that glass of wine while watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Go Blake!


The Outlaw Kyle said...

You could also make Mint Juleps.

brian said...

That's what I said!

Meagank7 said...

enjoy the wine while you can miss i-want-to-be-pregnant :)

and i like the idea of mojitos better... gotta use the bar syrup too though.

Patty Ann said...

Mmmmm fresh herbs are wonderful. I see the deer footprints in my herb garden but nothing was munched on.

I'm sure Carrie's wedding is going to be incredible.

Chris said...

I am still waiting for my Iris's from Mom to bloom. Hopefully this 80-90 degree weather doesn't stop that. Hope your finales were good - Red Wings were my only disppointment!

Chris said...

Sorry...disappointment, can't spell tonight.

patty said...

My iris's are spreading!!! They're on the road side of the hill and drive and I think they add some class to the hodgepodge of wild flower arrangements that Chuck has planted.