May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Extravaganza

This weekend was full of festivities - a beautiful Chicago wedding, brunches/BBQ's with friends, and a rousing game of kickball.

I won't provide you with ALL of the details, but for those who want to know, here are a few highlights.

Carrie and Matt went all out for their wedding day. The weather didn't fully cooperate, but they made the best of it. The wedding was in downtown Chicago, with the ceremony at Old St. Pat's and reception at the Chicago City Centre hotel. Carrie put a special touch in to each detail. The girls wore Ann Taylor's strapless celadon dresses with champagne colored sashes. The groom's sisters stood as groomswoman and wore black with celadon sashes. Carrie's dress was very elegant in it's simplicity - a tiered strapless gown with thick white horizontal bands of satin. The ceremony was filled with beautiful music. They surprised everyone with a gospel choir at the end to sing "Oh Happy Day" and "This Little Light of Mine" as they exited the church. The reception was beautiful with towering flower arrangements and taper candles. The flowers reminded me of the classic bouqets that are featured on Martha Stewarts Wedding magazines. The kids (and adults) couldn't wait to get their hands on the wedding favors - a candy bar featuring a jar of each of the bridal party member's favorite type of candy.

Carrie and Matt are now in Costa Rica for their honeymoon. I hope they're having a great adventure.

Here is the flickr group for all photos.

We spend Sunday afternoon with Brian's old Chicago friends. We haven't seen their son Spencer for over a year now. He has gotten so big! Of course, he doesn't remember us at all. That makes Brian sad, but what can we really expect? He's a great kid, though...So cute and polite. If you ask him for something that he doesn't want to give you, instead of saying "no" he says "not quite."

Jeff and Mark built a cornhole/beanbag game for the night. It was more definitely more fun than horseshoes. Brian and I are ready to build our own now. And yes, of course their were many derogatory remarks about the cornhole.

We closed the weekend by joining the 5th Annual Memorial Day Kickball game put on by the Action-Squad. We kicked, we ran, we failed to score any runs...We were the Lazer Beam Team. The Matzoh Ball team was triumphant with wins in large and small kickball. I served more as moral support to my team than anything else, but I still had fun.


Patty Ann said...

I love the wedding pictures. What a great idea to have some of the girls in black coordinating with the other girls. Where is the picture of the candy bar?
Well summer feels like it is officially here.

patty said...

I found the candy bar but you have to go to flikr to see it I think.

Carrie never looked more beautiful! Gorgeous everything!