May 10, 2007

Sneak Peek

Until the gift is presented, this is the only peek you get....
Ah, a yarn landscape is the most beautiful thing.

And since inquiring minds want to know - Mom you're right. The dress was JcPenney's. I have actually seen in it in one of their new commercials. Here's a pic of me dancing with my (soon to be) sister-in-law and David's new girlfriend. I didn't really pose for any standing pics with Brian. I think next time I use this dress I'll try wearing my hair down.

Otherwise, I'd love to share some Tulip Time pictures. It is a tradition for my office to take a long lunch for carnie food and bonding. This corn dog was completely worth the wait.

Here's most of my office gang along with my boss' son. He's a cutie (his son, not my boss)!

I finally got a satisfying dose of some Klompen dancin'. I kept waiting for them to break out and dance to some JT, but no such luck.

And now my decision is final. I can't wait to have children and put them in a Dutch costume. I know we're of Polish and Irish heritage, but until the Polaks come up with something as cute as these dresses, I am a Dutch wannabe.


Vandyj said...

Love the dress and the jewelry. It looks like you had fun at both events. Good luck again on your race this weekend.

Carrie said...

Hi Ang! Super cute dress. Good luck with the race this weekend. I'll be rooting for you from Chicago. Be careful and don't injure yourself. You absolutely can't be on crutches for the wedding! (just kidding) (not really) :)

patty said...

I'm a little late reading some of your posts. That's a great picture of the 3 of you dancing.