May 1, 2007

It's adorable...and so is he.

I can't wait to make this hat. Thanks for all of the free patterns MagKnits!

Also - let's give it up for my boy Blake! He was so terrific last night. It was Bon Jovi night on American Idol.

I love this online review, written by Michael Slezak.

"if I had to put money down at this very moment on which singer is most likely to stick around, I'd place my wager on Blake Lewis, whose electrifying retooling of ''You Give Love a Bad Name'' has likely surpassed Mindy Doo's ''My Funny Valentine'' as the season's watercooler performance. Bon Jovi was right that ''16 measures of him not singing on a show that's supposed to highlight singers'' was a risky move (though not as risky as sharing Jordin's black-and-red hair dye), and Blake's whooshing opening sound effects (which sounded to me like the Diet Coke I crack open every morning around 7 a.m.) were a wee bit indulgent, but the rest of the performance was exhilarating — breathing life into what I'd written off as a tired '80s anthem. The ''you give love-lllll-love-love-lll-love a bad, bad name'' breakdown had me clapping like baby-seal Paula..."

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patty said...

I so agree with you Ang! Blake was absolutely AWESOME!!! Unfortunately Jordin tanked big time, but I don't think it will hurt her. Bon Jovi was just hunkalicious of course. chuck just gave up and admitted he couldn't compete with him! What did you think of the Simon "kiss"? Lakisha's just not one of my favorites. Then Phil made a big splash last night even getting kudos from Simon! This one's a hard one to pick. Last year was easy when we kind of figured the "Pickler" was out, and even Elliot. Simon was interviewed and he thinks it's going to be Jordin and Melinda. But I think now Blake has a pretty good shot.

Love that hat by the way. Have you decided what you're going to knit with your Easter yarn?