May 29, 2007

Jitter Bug

First I have to say a special thank you to Amber! She fed my yarn diet with a belated birthday present of sock yarn.

I have heard the infamous Brenda Dayne mention Colinette yarn many a time, but have never seen it in person. This is JitterBug 100% merino sock yarn in the Duck colorway. It's beautiful Amber! I will find a great use for it, and until I do, I will just fondle it.

I am also proud to give the first peek at our vegetable garden. Brian and I came home yesterday and shrieked when we saw how so many seedlings had popped out in our absence! All of the lettuces, beans, broccoli, squash, and cucumber are sprouting. The peas still remain to be seen. The tomatoes and peppers are still thriving. The manuer compost seems to be doing it's job! So far, the chicken wire has been efficient at keeping the squirrels away. At some point we'll have to remove it from the tomatoes to give them room to grow, but we'll wait as long as possible.

I'm dreaming of fresh tomatoes and basil with sliced mozarella and olive oil drizzled over top. What could be more delicious on a hot summer day?


The Outlaw Kyle said...

Where did you put all the rocks that were in there? Various streets in Holland?

Patty Ann said...

Are those the tomatoes you started from seed? They are big! I'm sure the chicken wire will help out with the pests. I am not nearly that energetic with pest control, just spray on that liquid fence and hope none of it sprays on me, it smells awful.

Angie said...

The rocks are now piled behind the garage - we had no idea what else to do with them.
I wish I could say those were my starters. My starters failed miserably. I bought the tomatoes and peppers at Lowe's.

brian said...

As angie said the rocks are currently piled behind our garage and will be utilized for a variety of projects I have this summer, including garage drainage and a stone patio.

I will also put the rocks in a modified potato gun to shoot a squirrels, because squirrels suck.

patty said...

We watched a family of black squirrels in the neighbors cottage tree - Rachael was in awe of them, and they were kind of cute.

Dad and I will be looking forward to tasting some of those tomatoes! Nothing like garden tomatoes, cuces and Italian dressing - YUM!

If you have too many rocks, we'll take them off your hands too!

Vandyj said...

You could use the rocks for a natural edge to any flower beds that you may have in your yard.

I am jealous of your garden progress. I am patiently waiting for our privacy fence to be finished so that I may begin. All my veggies are in various pots at the moment.

Amber said...

Glad to hear you liked the yarn. I thought it was gorgeous! There is a pattern tucked into the inside of the ball that is from the Colinette people. Apparently if you make this pattern you will have enough yarn to complete a pair of socks! Just an option!