Jul 5, 2006

Am I that hard to please?

This past weekend we decided to give our appliance business to ABC Warehouse. We entered with Consumers Reports mags in hands and looked for someone willing to make a deal for folks with cash in hand. His name tag said "store manager," but we're beginning to wonder how much that really meant. He fed us a trail of lies, including all of the following statements:
1) We'll deliver these to your house Wednesday.
2) You'll get an hour call ahead before the delivery.
3) If you're not there, they'll call you and give you 20 minutes to arrive.
4) Since you live in Holland, you'll probably get delivery in the early morning.
5) You can go online to sign up for a 3 hour time window.

When Brian called them at 9 am, he was then told 6) You're on the list for 6 pm AND that they could not deliver our washer as it was at the store for pick up which was more than 5 miles from our house. Unfortunately the latter was not a lie - they really weren't going to deliver it. Every other statement above was pure lies!!

When I drove to the house at 5:30, I found a sticky note on our door which said they attemped delivery at 4 pm. That's when the shit hit the fan. We drove back to ABC with receipt in hand. He fed us a load of crap about how we can't expect them to have time to call us. Sure we can! We can expect it because you told us to! In the end, we walked out with an order for a different (and nicer) washer/dryer for the same cost, which he assured us will both be delivered next Tuesday along with the oven. Being that's my day off, the time of delivery no longer matters. Don't mess with a Burch. Nuf' said.

My review - shop there only if you can pick the item up yourself. The salesman was willing to bargain - unlike Sears who has a no negotiation policy. And don't think you're cool for working with the "store manager." I think the real head honcho is the "general manager."


patty ann said...

Nice job letting them have it. Did Brian get tired of waiting and go to work?
I have to say, Sears is much better about their delivery and repair time frames.
Hopefully you'll be all set and won't have to appliance shop for a long time.

Amber said...

Ooooh! How frustrating!!! I'm so glad you stuck to your guns and got a better deal at least. Good for you!!!

patty said...

Did you happen to get the manager's name? It might be good to give a call to a supervisor. After all, a deal is a deal. Hang in there, some of this will eventually be a snap! At least the carpet came up fast and Chuck "burched" the task!

patty said...

I probably duplicated myself because I didn't realize, (even with a message/disclaimer below), that you were screening!! messages now. Oh well, call it a long day!

patty said...

Hey Ang, are you screening your comments? I've tried to pass some on, but no go.

Angie said...

I'm so sorry everyone, I might take the screening off soon, but I had gotten some spam comments so I need to screen for a little time to make sure they don't keep coming. The spam links to trash like Viagra and porn. I still love you all and want you to comment freely!!

Kim said...

Sears delivered our dishwasher EARLY and called me ma'am. No negotiations, though, but it was on sale! Sorry you had to endure that escapade.