Jul 6, 2006

Tempted to Touch

For those of you enjoying the before and after house pics - I've got a few more for you. The Burches were so kind to spend a beautiful sunny day ripping out the rest of our nasty upstairs carpets. I believe that is dust in the picture. I know it's hard to see, but there is in fact linoleum on that floor. It is loosely adhered to the wooden floor. Perhaps a desperate call for style in the 50s or a layer of insulation. We will never know.

Chuck even mastered a method for getting the long staples out. Brian says he "burched it up."

Now we have to decide on carpet. I know, you're wondering why are we covering the wood back up. Believe me when I say this wood is not flawless. It will be far less expensive (and warmer) to carpet the upstairs. We'll concentrate on the wood in the livingroom and diningroom later.

I like the tan color, Brian likes off white. Hmmm. What's your vote?

I had an inspiring conversation with a patient of mine today. She's refinishing her own floors after finding out it was $600 to just sand one room. Yech! When it's $45 to rent a sander, I think I know which direction we're going to head.

Beyond that - to be true to my blog, I am still knitting. I finished the socks, and am now determined to finish the "Tempting" sweater.

We'll soon find out exactly how tempting a knitted sweater can be. The yarn is especially soft - Knit Picks Shine.


The Outlaw Kyle said...

While it would be a pain in the butt to sand out the wood, it would look awesome when it's done. And, if you require warmth, I would get rugs. Easier on the ol' feet during winter and when it's time to clean then, you take the whole goram thing out side and beat the tar out of it. Can't do that with carpet. Plus, I think it looks wicked awesome.

brian said...

It is indeed wicked awesome, but like Ang said, the previous owners pretty much destroyed any beauty those floors had. They haphazardly nailed and screwed every board to every joise and randomly drilled holes in the floors.

It makes me cry to cover the wood, but it really is a mess.

patty ann said...

As much as a do-it-yourselfer as I am, those floor sanders can really tear things up in unexperienced hands.
It's nice to have some wood floors, some carpet. There is the sound insulation factor for upstairs bedrooms.
Not sure I would go with an off-white that light. Reminds me of your old bedroom Ang. If you do, make sure it has a good stain repellant.
It's looking great so far. Can't wait to see it in person.

patty said...

I can't remember how dark the walls are, and that will help you decide on the color. If I remember from years ago repainting our bedroom, the color flows upward making it darker. If you have dark walls, a darker carpet will really darken the room. Does that make any sense? (Lots of sun, no brews today at BWL). We eventually repainted light with our dark rose carpet. I agree with Patty Ann about the sound cushion/insulation. How's the "office" coming?

Kim said...

Not white. Sorry Brian. I myself have a love affair with tan and beige. Gary says it's easy to sand and refinish hardwood floors--I'll ask him if he's ever done it before. It's the last project we're slated to do, so it will be done in 2020.