Jul 9, 2006

The paint fumes are getting to me.

The projects just keep coming. I am pleased with the progress we've made in such little time.
This week we had some men come in to plaster our ceilings in the bedrooms with that textured plaster. It looks nice and now matches the rest of the house. It somewhat hides the cracks - which is the real reason we did it.

We painted the office. This is "fog bottom." I know it's dark, but it's a decent sized room and the color will go nicely with Brian's LOTR movie posters (if any color really goes with those).



Of course, the painter's tape is still up - so disregard that bright blue line near the ceiling.

I found a surprise in the garden. What the flip is this?! The petals look like something I could form into a necklace or type of currency.

As for knitting - I'm not getting too much of my own done. However, I had the distinct pleasure of an afternoon get together with Linda in Allegan. It was fantastic to see her. It's funny how conversations with old friends can pick up like it hasn't been a day since you saw each other. She showed me a scarf and mittens she made for her daughter's Christmas present. The mittens are pretty cool. "Slubs" of roving were used for the white stitches on the outside, making a super warm and insulated mitten.

A little knitting news report. For those who doubted the popularity of knitting - check this out. I want to go! Why aren't the Tigers on board with this awesomeness?! Does this count as being athletic?


Meagan said...

no way man, that's sad. if you're stitching, how on earth can you be watching the game? only a slight glance up when the crowd cheers? that's being a bad sport!

Angie said...

Well you see Meagan, I am such a skilled knitter that I don't have to keep my eye on the stitches if I am doing the same stitch over and over. Therefore, the players and my yarn get equal attention. Ha.

patty ann said...

You two are so funny. Ang I don't think you have the sports gene.
That's funny you said that plant looked like currency, the nickname is money plant I believe. It will reseed itself all over the place. It's grown as a dried flower. So if you want to cut them and put them in a vase, I think you'll like it. We always joke about having a money tree in our yard.
Love the color in the office, and the ceilings look great. We could use some of that around here.

Angie said...

Does Menard's except payments from the money plant?

brian said...

Sure! But your refund is a punch in the face.