Jun 5, 2007

Comic things being common

First I just want to ask everyone to say a prayer for TOK and his wife. She is getting induced today and their baby, Fiona, will need some excellent medical care as soon as she enters this world. They are both very brave and strong and I pray Fiona takes after them that way. Thanks.

On a lighter note, today I wanted to post about a funny commonality that Brian and I have. Most married people go in to their commitment knowing they share common interests like camping, sports, travel, etc. Beyond that, Brian and I have something else that you don't often find...a mutual love for Calvin & Hobbes. Enough so that we both kept our childhood collection of comicbook with out boxed up memorabilia. I'm not sure I can explain why I was so intrigued by this comic, but it still intrigues me as an adult. It's very clever - and Hobbes is just so darn cute.

This weekend we decided to divide and conquer. I thought I had the entire collection, but apparently Brian had a few more. Our duplicates will get donated/sold. We'll save the best for our children. If they don't like Calvin & Hobbes, then something went wrong with genetics.

Does anyone else have something unusual in common with their spouse?


brian said...

Calvin and Hobbes is and always will be the greatest comic strip ever written.

Uncle Bobby got me hooked and the Mamins supported my addiction by putting one in my Easter basket every year for like, 12 years. And for that I am eternally grateful.

So many books... so many jokes about spacemen, robots and transmogrifiers... so much squaddry.

patty said...

I'm so happy to have helped with your addiction. I always thought they were the best ever!

Let us know about TOK and Montelle please!

Chris said...

I'll take the extras :-) Everytime we go to Barnes and Noble I want to get the collection of books they have. I always remember how you loved them growing up...you were Calvin & Hobbes and I was Garfield. I didn't know that Brian liked them too - you two are a perfect match!