Jun 27, 2007

Hot Fun in the summertime

Tuesday nights escape to the lakeside was well worth it. I didn't expect the fact that it would be so much cooler there - I mean everyone knows that there is a breeze from the lake, but I dare say I was a bit chilly!

We ate a yummy picnic with shrimp cocktail, turkey burgers, pierogi, and salad fresh from the garden. We walked the pier and then took a beach walk.

Unfortunately, the clouds did not allow for a visible sunset, so we took off about 8:30. Brian then pleaded to get some delicious Captain Sundae for dessert - but I refused since we have a freezer full of icecream treats. Boy was it hard to refuse, but I did! For those of you lucky enough to know Captain Sundae (including George W.), you'll understand how much willpower I must have.

And for my SYTYCD Talkback:

I was right there on that hot tamale train with Mary - ChooChoo! Go Sabra and Dominic! You were my favorite dance and rewind-the-Tivo-worthy. That rhumba was steaming up my t.v. screen.

Maybe Jessie's chest pain occurred from her circulation getting cut off by that ridiculous cat head band - what was that?! Pasha held his own and sure did an excellent job lusting over the Bette Midler look-alike. I hope he gets to stay and wiggle his hips for another week.

Jaime and Hok deserve an honorable mention for their bird-flower interpretation - or maybe the mention should really go to the choreographer, Wade Robson. Although they danced awesomely, Jaime kind of has a space cadet thing going for her that I can't quite look past.

My bottom three prediction: Shauna/Cedric, Neil/Lauren, Jesus/Sara. But I've been wrong before.

Well - I'll be gone for awhile. I'm off to the east side to stand in my friend Meredith's wedding. I'm looking forward to it - Meredith and Adam are such a likeable couple with a strong relationship. After that, I'll spend a little time at the 'rents relaxin' and introducing my dad to beanbag toss. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Meagank7 said...

must be nice to live on lake michigan... i will never stop being jealous until i too live there.

you mean you're off to the east side? and by bean bag toss are you referring to polish horseshoes? oh boy... we can play beer pong too because dad brought home my table :)

Angie said...

Oops, you're right Meagan. I adjusted it to the east. Don't ever forget the west side is where it's at. And by it's - I mean pure awesomeness.
I don't know about polish horseshoes, but we like to refer to it as cornhole. You know "Toss it in th cornhole!" It's always good for a laugh.

Patty Ann said...

I actually saw that game in Dunhams sports yesterday so it must be quite popular.
Your picnic sounded yummy. I have no idea what to cook this weekend. If you have any great ideas, let me know. (within reason).....I do have a new pork chop recipe with cherries and red wine reduction sauce.....that Dad and Meagan both loved.

Matt Stratton said...

They should totally make a beanbag game for the Wii.

patty said...

Dad got out the corn hole game this weekend. John Larson brought up another lawn game which kept the guys busy!