Jun 12, 2007

Summer Programs

You've all heard me talk about it before....So You Think You Can Dance is one of my ultimate favorite reality contests. This show is much more like American Idol than Dancing with the Stars because each of these dancers is truly talented and most have been dancing for their whole life. Unlike American Idol, the judges are more involved and far less insulting. The show has narrowed down to the top 20. The dancers will now get paired off and put with choreographers to learn various routines - including all sorts of genres, hip hop, lyrical, ballroom, African, you name it!

I especially love watching the results show because famous choreographers will put together a group dance that is always impressive. I still vividly remember a few of the dances from last season.

I can't say I've picked a favorite dancer yet. Ricky makes me laugh, so he's at the top of my list. I find it interesting that there are two sisters of previous contestants and an adopted brother. Seems like someone may be playing favorites. However, they are good dancers, so it might be their talent that took them through.

So, Watch! The next episode is Thursday at 8 pm on FOX, results Thursday at 9.


Matt Stratton said...

I'm totally ready to actually, factually watch this show again. I hate "audition" episodes of any of these shows, although the SYTYCD ones aren't QUITE as ridiculous as others, I still say that I watch these shows to see someone good, not someone painfully talent-less.

Sucked that the Lindy hoppers got the boot, but I have my theories on that (and no, they're not conspiracy theories).

Go Hok!

Vandyj said...

I am such a fan as well. I have taken classes with the brothers Travis and Danny at the NYCDA. They are both so talented, but very different dancers.

Patty Ann said...

If you missed the Tigers game last night, you missed the best reality tv there is. Justin Verlander, only 23 years old, pitched a no-hitter AT HOME, the last time we had a no-hitter at home was 1952! It was incredible.