Jun 24, 2007

Weekend Festivities

Another summer weekend past, full of friends and fun.

Saturday I met up with Linda in South Haven for a knitting "rendezvous." We had a great lunch at my favorite local restaurant, Clementines. I was once again enamored with her recent knitting projects.

Check out these adorable Mary Jane booties. Find the Saartje's bootie pattern here.

She is donating this cute cupcake hat to the Dulaan project.

Later that night we headed to Mary's 2nd Annual Butternut Bash.

We had great food including some salmon fresh out of Lake Michigan - delicious. We played a little beanbag toss, Flip Cup, and I even managed to score not one, but several points for my volleyball team. Woo-hoo!

My former manager wanted to see herself on the blog - I had a hard time catching a decent candid picture of her - but here's a decent one.

She thinks she's never been on my blog before - but how quickly she's forgotten the beautiful pic from here bachelorette party post.

To end the weekend, it was our turn to the return the favor of a home-cooked dinner to our good friends Roger and Luann. We once again turned to the Junior League cookbook for inspiration. We served adobo dip for an appetizer (simple and delicious), shrimp and corn salad, coconut/lime chicken with rice and strawberry/blueberry shortcake for dessert. The meal should have been served with a side of antacids as it was quite spicey. I was disappointed that my original dessert flopped. I attempted to make the same strawberry pie that I served for mother's day, but the gel part never set. Either I did something wrong, or the heat and humidity interfered. Who knows. We had a great time catching up with them. It's great to enjoy a nice summer evening with friends.

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Patty Ann said...

That cupcake looks real.
I still don't believe you went to Clementines without me. My swim teacher was saying they like an Italian place right down by the pier in South Haven. We haven't tried that.
I can't wait to get out to Lake Michigan.