Jun 13, 2007


Okay - first I just have to comment on So You Think You Can Dance, which I'm going to need to start calling SYTYCD with that long ass name. Anyway - how great was that?! And it was only the first week! The tango was pretty lame, but I think poor Ricky is in trouble with such a tall partner. I looooved the contemporary dance with Lacey - loved it!

Anyway - I received some yarn goodness in the mail today. (No, this isn't on my yarn diet. Yes, I fell off the wagon again.)

This is a clearance buyout from Webs. I learned of them from their podcast, Ready Set Knit. Although they have great closeout bargains on line, I was a bit dismayed after I was contacted twice by their customer service. The first time they had to give me the news that they, in fact, only had 10 of the 12 balls I ordered of a cotton-merino blend. I decided 10 would work, but then they e-mailed with the note that they were two different dye lots. Bummer. It just wasn't meant to be. Anyway, I got some great Debbie Bliss yarn for a baby project (<$3/ball) and Regia sock yarn.

Brian and I also made a Target sale purchase.

We purchase most of our furniture from Target and have never been disappointed. We saw this Hudson collection in the Sunday flyer and just knew it was perfect for our style. We picked up the desk/hutch and file cabinet for a song. Now I'm listening to Brian cuss like a sailor as he tries to assemble it.

It's sad that it will replace the little desk that Brian bought for me during PA school. He wanted me to have a place to study while I was on rotation in Chicago. So he picked up a little desk from Ikea and put it in the corner of his little bedroom for me. What a nice guy.


Anonymous said...

Angie, Is that Cotton Angora? I used that for a baby bolero and a V-neck cabled sweater for myself (remember?). I enjoyed knitting with it but it sheds a bit. Recently I used Debbie Bliss' cotton-merino for a pair of baby booties and LOVED that. Linda

Matt Stratton said...

"which I'm going to need to start calling SYTYCD with that long ass name"

Even the acronym is way too long. We need to come up with a shorthand for the show. How about "The Schwimmer Family Variety Show"? No wait, still too long.

"Mary Murphy's Cocktail Hour"?

"Who Wants To Marry Shane Sparks"?

This is harder than it seemed at first.

From now on, I'm just going to call it "Dancey Dance Show".

Angie said...

Matt - I was too tired to smile today until I read your comment. Thanks for making me laugh this morning.

Carrie said...

So do you have a favorite dancer yet? I really liked Lauren and Shauna and Anya and Danny were awesome too! I didn't like Faina--she is way too skinny and just couldn't keep up. Didn't you love the broadway dance? I can't believe Nigel told Shauna that she looked frumpy. I swear he only likes it when the girls are dancing half naked. Oh and I usually hate the rolling around on the floor contemporary stuff, but I have to admit that Lacey's dance was pretty awesome! I can't wait to see the group dance tonight.

Matt Stratton said...

For me, it's hard to pick a favorite dancer yet - I tend to like the folks who are flexible, and it's hard to determine that until we see them have a few more styles thrown at them.

My favorite routine of the night was the contemporary one with Lacey and Kameron - like Carrie, I usually find contemporary dance to be a lot of writhing around on the floor and looking tortured, but Mia Michaels almost always transcends that style with something really interesting to say.

My second favorite routine was the pop one. It was great, but I don't know why Dan made the comment that he'd never seen anything like that on the show before - his Tivo must not have recorded the three episodes or so with "Ramalama Bang Bang."

I hope Jessie is in the bottom three tonight, and I hope she gets voted off. I just don't like her. Although I do like Pasha.