Jun 20, 2007

SYTYCD Talkback

Okay, I wasn't clapping and jumping up and down like last week's episode - but maybe that was more from the effect of caffeine withdrawal than anything else.

The highlights of the night for me:
*Shauna and Jimmy's dual acrobatics
*Pasha's sexy smile
*Dominic's tearful response to Mia's commentary
*Jean Marc's sour puss face to Nigel after his comment about Dancing with the Stars

Was anyone shocked that Jesus was good at the Paso Doble?! I mean, not to be sterotypical, but it's in his blood.

I have to say, I want Shauna's SYTYCD shirt! I bet we can find one on cafepress.com soon!

It's hard to pick, but my favorite couple was Jessi and Pasha tonight.

My prediction for the bottom three:
Sarah/Jesus (only because their personalities seem most bland at this point)
Lauren/Neil (they were just forgettable tonight)


Matt Stratton said...

I agree re: Lauren and Neil. "Forgettable" is about the best way to describe that routine. I still think Neil is too "up here", as Mary would say. He's not a ballroom dancer, is he? Because he carries himself like one (way too stiff up top).

Meagank7 said...

you and your shows.

i'll stick to the tigers.

and btw, i found this today: http://www.idealbite.com/tiplibrary/archives/controlling_substances/

Julie said...

I know you don't know me, but...I want one of those shirts soooo bad! If you find one, I would love for you to contact me...my blog is at lexiconology.blogspot.com.