Jun 17, 2007

Somebody's Gettin' Married...

This weekend was spent relaxing with my girls up in Higgins Lake. Meredith's wedding is rapidly approaching (June 29). She's grown out of the party girl phase and chose to live out her last days of bachelorette-hood with a weekend sunbathing and swimming. Fortunately her friend, Jen, had the perfect place in mind. This is her family's "cottage."

I think we all agree that it kind of oversteps the definition of a cottage. It was a gorgeous home with excellent lake frontage. It's the kind of place everyone dreams of owning for a weekend get-a-way.

Well, enough about the house. Here's a few of the weekend highlights:

No party is complete without some flippy cup. This time, instead of beer, they had Sprite/Raspberry pucker. Yummy, but messy to chug.

We had beautiful weather so we spent the majority of Saturday on the pontoon. Chelsea took a dip in the crystal clear spring fed lake.

Jen enlightened us with her wealth of relationship knowledge.

We laughed...

and remembered why we're such good friends.

I did a little sock knitting - but the sock didn't make any photos this time. He's so sad. We ended Saturday with a little ritualistic burning of the old boyfriend photos. Meredith definitely didn't seem sad to see them go, as she has an excellent partnership with Adam.

We packed it all up Sunday morning. I wished the bearskin rug a "farewell" and drove back home.

Grrr. So scary.


Meagank7 said...

my friends really need to start getting married, that looks like too much fun.

burning old pictures? i tried to get rid of stuffed animals from the past and mom said it is "too soon"...

hope you're keeping up on your training, our run is less than 4 weeks away!

Patty Ann said...

I don't remember Meredith ever having a "party girl" phase. It looks like the perfect getaway to relax before the whirlwind of the approaching wedding.
Wow, that water really does look crystal clear!

Anonymous said...

It was a blast!! Great photos! Did you put them online? I would love to have them since I forgot my camera.


Angie said...

Kim, you should be able to get them from my flickr site - my photos are listed under lakesideknitter.