Jun 8, 2007

The Fruits of my Labor

I came home from work tonight and found this! Can you see the pepper?

Yeah for the miracle of plant growth. I can't wait until I see my first tomato.

I also wanted to share my "something different" Tuesday project. I spent some time with my scrappng supplies and restocked with miscellaneous cards. I always struggle with the manly cards, though. Father's Day just doesn't seem to call for daisy stamps.

The Waterfront Film Festival was fun, but the movie went a bit late for a "school" night (12:45). The weather was quite appropriate for Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was very windy so empty beer cups skidded across the pavement and the blow-up movie screen was rocking. It was fitting when the items on screen were all moving and jumping due to the powerful alien force. I was too tired to worry that there may really be some alien force coming to get me. Perhaps I was pooped out from all of my knitting.

Or all of the rockin' out to the various bands - The Damnwells and Craic Wisely. There was a third band that was mighty cute, but I can't remember their name so well. Maybe Green Room??

And lastly - so you know I wasn't the nerdiest crafter there....this lady actually brought her spinning wheel. I was jealous of her ability to produce usable yarn from fluff.

Have a great weekend!


Patty Ann said...

Did you exchange names, email addresses, cell phone numbers with the spinning lady?
They have live music in a park in Tecumseh, but no blow up screen.
That looks like great fun.

Vandyj said...

I am so bummed that we did not make it into town for the WFF this year. Thank you for letting me live it vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

Have you put Miracle Grow on your garden? Try it!! It makes my flowers HUGE, so we've sprayed the garden. I am aiming for the biggest tomatoes known to man.