Jun 3, 2007

I wish they were all like this.

After a quiet weekend around home, I think about how pleasant it can be to enjoy simplicity.
My favorite moments of the weekend:

Beating Brian in checkers.
Eating homemade guacamole.
Chasing down squirrels with the hose.
Running through a thunderstorm huddled under an umbrella with Brian.
Falling asleep with the window's breeze on my face.
Sipping a mint mojito - with home grown mint....while knitting.

What were yours?


Patty Ann said...

Finding a straw hat I bought in St. Thomas in 1982 that was in bags of rummage we sorted. Meagan found a New Kids on the Block concert t-shirt.
We saved some good snow suits and ruffly pinafores in case of grandchildren. (no rush just hated to give everything away)......

Meagank7 said...

*jumping into the lake after running

*watching talented people salsa dance/laughing at myself trying to salsa dance

*socializing with drunkards making their way in and out of big ten burrito at 3 am

The Outlaw Kyle said...

Shooting with my brother in the warm summer morning.

Spending my last non-parent night at home with Montelle

Winning my first auction on E-bay

patty said...

Listening to the rain fall on the window in the wee hours of the morning.

The sun on my face on the dock at Whitefish Lake.

The smell of the water while on a "white trash booze cruise".

Holding a newborn and enjoying the smells of a baby.