Jun 11, 2007

Princess Fiona

Some people have been asking for an update on our friends' baby, Fiona. She was born full term last week, taken by c-section. Her diaphragmatic hernia caused some expected complications with her breathing. Therefore, she is on a lung bypass machine to give her lungs and heart rest and time to grow in size and strength. Her parents hope that soon she will be healthy enough to be taken off of the bypass machine and then plan for surgery to correct the hernia. They ask us all to pray that her lungs continue to develop. Thank you for your concerns and prayers.


The Outlaw Kyle said...

Thanks so much everyone for your prayers. I can't say that she is "well" or "good". As on of our Neo-Natal docs said "People on ECMO are not doing well". She is stable, which is the best we can hope for right now. The next big hurdle is to come off ECMO and go on the the vent. The surgery to fix the CDH can be done on ECMO, however it is preferable to do it off due to the anti-coagulants she is on. If your interested you can check out our care page here.
You will have to sign up, and then search for name. Or it may just come up.

patty said...

I was able to access the care page today and it is a great way to give support at this time. Words can't express how much prayer and how many different people can touch their lives right now. Thanks Ang for sharing this with us.