May 29, 2006

Big Mouth Billy

What a great weekend I had hanging out with core family! We enjoyed barbeque, sunning, eating at the Irish Hills Dairy Bar, and fishing! I have to say this was the most eventful fishing I have ever had on Wampler's Lake. Of course, the second night, I caught not a one. The first night I caught a few "medium" size fish. I say it in quotes, because in this picture this fish looks like a minnow.

I didn't even catch it by the mouth, I got it by the poop chute.
Chris, Meagan, and mom were the real champs. Mom caught the big bass, it was amazing how it was jumping in and out of the water as she reeled it in. Although she wants to grill him up, she definitely didn't want to touch him.

I think Cayman enjoyed fishing most of all.

Of course, I did find some time to steal away and lounge on the porch to knit, listen to podcasts, and drink some yummy Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon. I started some socks with a K3P1 rib using my hand-dyed Koolaid yarn. The color definition is much more impressive in person (if I say so myself). I was worried this yarn would be scratchy as it was a rather inexpensive yarn from KnitPicks, the dye-your-own line. But, I am pleased to say it's pleasantly soft. And so far, even in 90 degree whether, the Koolaid is steadfast.

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patty ann said...

I must report, Billy the Big Mouth Bass is filleted and in the fridge waiting to be thrown in the frying pan. (Sorry Billy but the market was out of white fish). Funny how food tastes so much better when you're out in the fresh air all day. The persian lilac has permeated the entire neighborhood with its beautiful aroma. Sorry Brian missed out on the fishing and BBQ, but that's the beautiful thing about the lake, it will be here forever.