May 9, 2006

Who Knew?

I would've never known there were so many kinds of tulips!! Brian and I ventured to Veldheer Farms this weekend. We thought we were entering a tourist trap. There were wooden shoe makers, Dutch boy hats, and even wooden shoe pencil holders!

The treasure was the tulip fields. It was a $6 entry fee and well worth it. They brag that they plant 5.5 million tulips each year. This was something both Brian and I questioned. We thought tulips were perennials and therefore, lower maintenance. Now I'm finding out they you are supposed to dig up the bulbs once the blooms are gone and store in a cool place until you plant again in the fall. How many other perennials are like that?

Here are a few of the varieties we enjoyed.

Lily mix

Peony mix


I still have to find some Klompen dancers. The best I've found so far was some belly dancers...Coincidentally they were dancing at the children's area. I found it a bit racey for children, especially since one lady was only wearing a bra for a top.


patty ann said...

So that's why I have a hard time getting tulips to grow back year-to-year! Love the hat on Brian. It looks like a boom year out there in Holland.

brian said...

I'm am so dutchy.

linda said...

Listen, anyone who looks as Dutch as Brian certainly must own his own pair a wooden shoes. I can just see a nice pair of hand knit socks ensconced in good wooden shoe.

patty said...

Oh Brian....if only Howard could see you now....

I don't know Patty, those pictures Ang posted of your gardens look pretty amazing to me. You obviously have quite the green thumb.

What about New Holland?

Angie said...

Linda, as I learned from my dutch fashion show today, they wear 7-9 pairs of socks with their shoes. So, if you're offering to knit him those socks, go to town!

No pics of New Holland brewery yet. We would've liked to go there Sunday, but this crazy conservative town doesn't serve alcohol (that I know of) on Sunday.

patty ann said...

That's a match made in heaven, a person who loves to knit socks, and shoes that require seven pair. hahaha

Kim said...

How cool are you supposed to store them? In your fridge? In your garage? Who has the space to store their bulbs?? We have 2 new tulip plants that I will NOT be digging up, so our yard won't be as pretty as Holland!