May 16, 2006

No Longer the Teacher's Pet

I had my first class today for knitting two socks on once circular from the toe up. Mind you, I have tried to teach myself this before with a packet of instructions about twenty pages long.... I couldn't get past the cast on. It took about 15 minutes for the teacher to help the three of us cast on today. They should've included wine with the class to calm us all down after that. We went along learning how to knit around and increase stitches. I thought I was the star student. I wasn't asking too many questions and seemed to be doing things right the first time around. One of the other students, an older lady, started making some comment about always knowing when to increase by having the lesser amount of stitches on the lower needle. (I know this doesn't make much sense to all of you, but just stick with me.) Turns out, she was only increasing on one side of the sock, which was going to result in a triangular shaped sock. I laughed heartily and said "Too bad your foot isn't shaped like a triangle." I then laid back and went back to my knitting. For some reason I decided at that point to count my stitches and discovered I had been doing the same thing!! Argh!! I had to take apart the entire project and start from square one. At least I got to practice my cast on again. The third student had done it perfectly, so she was then allowed the last laugh.

And even though I already had to buy some Addi Turbo needles, taking me over my allowance for the month....I had to grab some great Saucy cotton yarn that was on sale. This is the yarn I used to knit my mom's sweater for mother's day. Maybe I'll make one for myself too.


patty ann said...

Don't I look cute? hahaha.
Did you give me care instructions for the sweater? Hand wash cold?
Meagan put a picture of us dancing at the wedding in her online photo album, I believe the caption reads "we're not really related"...
I'm pretty sure I would not have the patience to take that class you took this morning, but you know, worthwhile hobbies are usually a little work.

Linda said...

Angie, Please keep posting pictures of the socks in progress. I will be interested to hear if you enjoy that technique. Remember, the Yarn Harlot says friends don't let friends knit drunk so if you become frustrated don't turn to the bottle. That red/pink sock yarn looks familiar....??

patty said...

Nice sweater for Patty Ann! I look forward to one someday, hint, hint. Make it a LARGE! I don't think I'd have the patience to even attempt to keep up with the class. I'm still working on my prayer shawl!

Just got my blood work report back today. OUCH! Triglycerides have trippled in a year! I think Chuck and I are heading for some major work out sessions with our equipment. He has to call his Dr. tomorrow for his report.

Kat said...

You still are the teachers pet! Your toes look great! I hope you find the technique one that you will enjoy adding to your knitting repetoire (sp?) See you in a couple of weeks!

Meagan said...

haha. yes, the caption indeed reads "i swear we're not related."
in case anyone wants to see pictures from the wedding.