May 24, 2006

My Crystal Ball

I stand on my soap box and declare that Taylor is the next American Idol. Take note that I am posting this prior to the finale, so no one can call me a cheat.
I think he will win for a few reasons:
1) I couldn't get through to vote for him.
2) Girls hate Kat because of her wonderful body.
3) We love his silver locks.
4) We've all heard Kat's album before, it's any popular female pop album on the market.

Also - watch Martha on Thursday. I expect to be the winner of her $10K contest so I can throw a kick ass housewarming party!!


Angie said...

Soul Patrol!!!
Taylor must have one by a landslide because Ryan Seacrest did not even mention anything about a close competition.

patty ann said...

Sorry to say Martha didn't call your name. However, wjr radio is having a backyard makeover giveaway. Just go to, register in the loyal listener club, and enter the contest. It includes outdoor furniture, a grill, and more.
p.s. Not a big fan of that Taylor guy. I agreed with GMA, if you want to buy a cd of a grey haired guy with a gravely voice, buy a Joe Cocker cd. Sorry.

brian said...

^^well, by that logic, why even have american idol? why find new artists? the last four were cookie-cutter versions of artists that already exist.

why is gma even talking about it. they should be discussing LOST!

Angie said...

Who is Reuben a cookie cutter of??

patty ann said...

I'm sure the idol phenomenon has more to do with psychology than musical talent. Everyone loves to believe you can come up from simple folk and be famous pretty much overnight. At least it's not as bad as the boy bands they used to crank out like "O Town". And GMA isn't afraid to acknowledge shows on another network, especially if that network doesn't compete for the morning news market. Diane Sawyer is afraid of nothing.

Kim said...

What else are you going to watch on Monday and Tuesday nights that's any better? I really like Idol. It's also a good family show--it's the one tv show I can discuss with my students and not have to ask them, "Isn't that show inappropriate for a 9 yr old?" I am so happy that Taylor won, even though I liked Chris more. What gets me is that any girl who is on Idol has to be gorgeous, but the men don't. Most guys this season were NOT attractive. It's unfair.