May 30, 2006

Let's have a Tee-Party

I don't know who caught Martha's show last Wednesday with Felicity Huffman, but I'll tell you, (don't be amazed by this) I have picked up a new craft.

Megan Nicolay was on the show demonstrating a t-shirt redesign. I couldn't wait. As soon as I got home from my knitting class, I took a WIDR shirt and hacked away.

First, I had to remove the sleeves and slice it straight up along both sides. Then, at least 2" of the hem is cut off, bringing it to waist level.

Using some sharp scissors, I snipped small holes down each side, making sure to cut through the back side of the shirt as well.

This is the best part. The scraps from the hem are cut into 1" strips and then pulled to make a rope. My rope is grey, because I cut it off another shirt. I wanted the drama of contrasting color. Then, simply attach each end to a safety pin and start lacing.


The finished piece. I wish I had a pic of me modeling it, but no one's home to take my picture. Only 107 more ways to transform my t-shirts! Interestingly, there is a pattern for a t-shirt quilt, which is something I started on about 1 1/2 years ago, maybe now I may have some inspiration to finish it!


patty ann said...

There are still plenty of your high-school era t-shirts in a drawer in your old room, I can't believe you got permission to hack a WIDR shirt! hahahaha.
Your house is going to be a craft explosion.

Meagan said...

geez ang. i've known about that sensation since i came to central. that's a big thing to do to the way too big central t-shirts they give us for free and wear to the games. and how come my fish pictures didn't make the cut?? haha.

Angie said...

Damn, Martha and I are three years behind hip.

Kim said...

You will have to give me detailed directions, because another teacher at my school and I decided that we are totally making tshirts next June with our kids. The girls have a way cool project--the boys will have to go outside and play basketball!