May 2, 2006

Rainy Day

It's such a gloomy day. I know we need rain, but why can't it be on a day when I work? I decided to share a pic with you of a great "chillin' spot." This is the orchid garden at Frederik Meijer Gardens. I could hang out there for hours and knit, but my hair would frizz to the point of no return with all that humidity.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could smell the orchid garden through my computer. Unless it smells like Abercrombie, which makes me gasp for breath as I cross in front of the store.

patty said...

Well, we had a co-worker fired this rainy day, so that orchid garden really looks good to me as it would have to many people today. Good day to knit and relax with Martha.

I took my knitting with me while I sat in color last night. I'm still working on the prayer shawl. We haven't met as a group in a while. I need to learn how to add the fringe.

I also have a new look. She chopped my hair off extensively last night. Got up this morning wishing I had my hair back! Although co-workers gave it a big thumbs up making me feel better. I felt so vulnerable and strange with such a new look.

patty ann said...

The group I swim with decided Abercrombie is the devil. With all those too short skirts and tops you have to wear four layers of.

The orchids

patty ann said...

Oops I messed up my other post.
As I was going to say, the orchid garden is a fabulous place to breath pure oxygen.
Angie, on a personal note, I got grandpa to wink at the nurse tonight, twice! Boy was that funny.