May 17, 2006

Little Elves

My socks are moving along fine now. I had to increase until the point when the sock covers the tip of my pinkie toe, now I just knit straight until I'm within an inch of my heel.

I'm a little displeased with the pointiness of the toes. Once I put the sock on my foot, it feels fine. It's just that when I show them to people on the needles, it appears I may be knitting these for my elvin friends. Also, I wanted to have the perfection of matching socks. Word to the wise, don't pull from the outside and inside of the ball simultaneously if you want this. What I have instead now, is a perfect opposite of each sock. Fantastic.

And Patty Ann, fyi, your sweater should be handwashed in mild soap and cold water. Lay flat to dry. Enjoy! Can't wait to see you wear it.


Linda said...

Angie, You could cast on a couple more stitches for the toe and do an increase or two less for a shorter, wider toe. Patty Ann,I would like to see you modeling your beautiful new sweater. Can you post it, Angie?

patty ann said...

Very pretty yarn. I hadn't even noticed the stripes weren't identical until you mentioned it.