May 7, 2006

Tulip Time!

It's officially here, the Holland Tulip Festival.

The town really just comes alive for this festival. Schools let out early. My boss is even letting us have a 2 hour lunch Thursday so we can check out the festivities (and junk food trailers).
Brian and I ventured out yesterday to check out the craft fair. The booths were mediocre really. I suppose I was more interested in getting a corn dog than buying crafts.

We saw a few people walking about in their official Holland garb, right down to the wooden shoes. There was also a town crier yelling something I couldn't quite make out. Brian's determined that he will enter the town crier contest next year. Here's a cute group we found singing in the park.

I have to make time to see some Klompen dancers later this week. Until then, enjoy, yet another, tulip pic!


patty said...

I guess there's a New Holland beer tent next weekend. Should we venture over and check it out. Isaac will be there for sure.

Yesterday would have been a perfect Tulip time day! Great pictures!

Meagan said...

ooo i really like that last tulip picture. :)

Angie said...

I knew you'd like that Meagan. Your camera would take much better pics, I'm sure.

patty ann said...

Hahaha, I knew you would like that picture too Meagan. Is Angie picking up on your style?
I will have to pencil in the tulip festival for next year, if Brian is going to be the town crier. He would be so good they would contract him forever.

brian said...

You can just barely make out the town crier in that group of dutchsters.

He gets to wear a tricorn hat.

patty ann said...

Do you think that tulip is sensitive to the fact that its sex organs are exposed? Just curious.