May 5, 2006


Being in medicine, I understand a lot about genetics and inheritance. But why, oh why, didn't I inherit my mother's green thumb?

These are her Rembrandt tulips. I think they're gorgeous. I'm so excited to start my own flower garden when we get settled in our house. But one thing I promise you all, is that no matter how involved I get in my garden, I will NOT stop knitting! Anyway, if I don't master the art of growing tulips, I might get shunned right out of Holland.

Dublin Bay sock. One down, one to go! My feet are gi-normous, aren't they?

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patty ann said...

That is some pretty fancy needlework on the side of that sock!
I assure you I inherited my green thumb from my paternal grandfather, who most probably learned those skills as a boy in Poland.
I hope your new yard has room for some transplants.